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We aim to boost innovation and competitiveness of SMEs, private-public consortia and public institutions dedicated to the development and/or promotion of diagnostic of therapeutic solutions in the biohealth sector.

Our life sciences' expertise of more than three decades in academic labs, private companies and health institutions allows us to refine the objectives, sharpen the strategies and optimize the methodology of an innovative research process. Besides, we sustain the implementation (funding sources, market intelligence, analysis of competition, risk management and contingency planning) and the human, scientific, societal and economic impact of the R&D programmes.

S&T know-how support in
R&D programmes

We offer hands-on assistance to improve the productivity of your core business without increasing the size of the staff already in place.
We can transiently join R&D teams of biotech and ICT companies at any stage of the project in order to bring our skills and expertise for the conception, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative technological solutions for health-related issues ...

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Expert support in
the Collaborative Research Sector

The mechanisms for research funding through the EU Framework Programmes are substantially relevant tools for the development of innovation and competitiveness.
Based on the corporate profile, we recommend the best adapted source of financing and assists our costumers in the well-targeted setting up of their proposals ...

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Consolidation of strategies in
Individual R&D

The different steps of the innovation process are critical for the survival of a company, from the feasibility of the idea to the introduction on the market.
We assist the decision-makers and managers from the early stages of the innovation process and help them strengthen their R&D strategy to increase their opportunities for success ...

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Operational management in
Corporate Business

Intangible and human capital represents an increasingly important part of the value of a company and its management is a key to success.
We provide our experience for the management of biotech innovative projects by acting as project head advisors and/or promoters before incorporation and beyond ...

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